Fully ripened, aromatic, sweet table grapes from Greece, France and Egypt are among the main import product groups of Frutania. We import huge volumes of table grapes during the regional harvest seasons.

The cultivation, controlled by us, guarantees grapes with high sugar content, excellent fruit-sizes and lovely colored grapes in consistent quality throughout a harvest season.

Seasons for our grapes are from:
Mid-July to end of October
The intentional choice of different cultivation areas on the Peloponnese and the Kavala and Crete regions guarantee  retailers the best supply of tables grapes of the popular varieties of:
Thompson Seedless | Victoria
The super aromatic table grapes from France come from the regions of Luberon, Ventoux and Gard with the well-known sorts:
Ribol | Lavallée | Lival | Muscat
From May on we offer the following sorts from Egypt:
Chrimson | Flame Seedless