Citrus fruits
The bulk of Greek citrus fruits are distributes under the label of “GEFRA”. We are also prepared for private labels and look forward to trading for you  your proper label and packing. All goods under this label come from Corinth,  the best quality region.

The season for citrus fruits stretches from:
Mid- November to the end of February
Principally, all classic packaging units are possible in Greece. The most current way of packing oranges is in nets – 10x2kg with max 10 fruits in the net. You may ask for girsack packaging as well. The same for units of 6 x 3 kg or 7 x 3 kg.  Allow a short delay for planning if you choose Ifco or Europool. Traditionally packing is in cardboard boxes. For marketing activities greenboxes can be provided for, however, please allow us a certain time in advance.